ENG Activities


The application owner uses this feature to view and find out all kinds of activities from the user to the application they have. All types of activities or interactions from the user to the application will be displayed in this menu so that the application owner can find out in detail what activities have occurred or have recently occurred.


  1. Log in to the engine and access the Activities menu in the App Management section on the left side menu.

  2. All activities that occur between the user and the application will be displayed. There is a new activity in the image below that has not been read by the application owner. When the activity is clicked, it will be directed to the transaction detail page.

    If there is a lot of activity going on and you don't want to be read, you can click the Mark All as reading button.


  • Action displays an action in a button to delete (Delete) the activity displayed on the feature.

  • The title displays the title of an existing activity. If you click on one of these activities, this feature will direct you to the actual menu that has experienced the activity.
    * Note: on the new activity that appears in the image, it will be directed to the Transaction List menu if clicked. Where will comprehensive information be displayed directly related to these activities?

  • Content displays the contents of the activities that occur.

  • Date displays the date and time that activity occurred.