The Audios feature can play music or record directly just by accessing the data storage.


  1. Login in your engine and click Add New Feature at Step 3 (Content).

  2. Select Audio menu, click Add This Feature and click Add This Feature button.

  3. Next, specify the List and Detail views you want to use, as shown in the image below. Click the Change Layout button to change it.

    If the List function is disabled, you can only enter 1 page of audio details. But if the List function is enabled, you can add as many other audios as you want.

  4. After selecting the display, you want to use for the menu, give a name for the feature.

    To change the icon for the menu, click the empty box on the left. Then a selection of icons that have been provided from the system will be displayed. If you have an icon you need, click the Select Icon button.

  1. If everything is complete, click the checkmark to add the feature.


  1. To fill data (content) for the newly added feature, click the App Management button on the same page (Step 3). Then automatically, you will be redirected to a new page to enter content.

  2. The select menu has been added. Then select the  Manage Content.

  3. Click Add Data button to fill in data at that menu.

  4. Complete all information who asked and click Submit button to save that data.


    • Title: This column is filled with the Audio title that you want to display.

    • Subtitle (Optional): This field is filled with the added Audio Language.

    • Artist: This column is filled with singers from the Audio.

    • Featured Image: This column is filled with an image or photo of the singer.

    • MP3 File: This column is filled with Audio that you need by pressing the Choose button.

    • Description: This column serves as a description of the added Audio.

    • Published Date (Optional): This column is used to schedule the Audio added.

5. After following the four steps above, the audio will appear as shown below.

  • Edit Order
    This column serves to change the order of the videos that will be displayed in the application. This column is used to change the settings that have been made.

  • Order No
    This column serves to change the order that has been done. You have to replace the number "999" with the serial number you want.