Eng Book


The Books Feature can display a list of books containing important content from the displayed book. The critical content is the author's name and published date.


Only valid for the Advanced and Professional package.


  1. Enter engine.compro.id, then in step 3, press the Add New Feature menu as shown in the image below.

  1. Select Book, then click add this feature

  1. After that, the display will appear as shown below.

Image Explanation:

  • Icon: used for changing the icon menu

  • Insert Title: used to write the name of the menu

  • List: Activate the list if you need to insert some content in the book

  • Layout: Select the Booklist layout and the required details. After filling everything in, you may click save (checkmark).

  1. To fulfill the content on Book Menu, click Manage Content.

  1. Click Add data .

  1. After that, the display will appear as shown below.

Image Explanation:

  • Title: Filled with the book title

  • Writer: Filled with the author’s name

  • Publisher: Filled with the book’s publisher

  • Featured Image: Filled with the book’s cover.

Image Explanation:

  • Content: This column is contained with a description of the book.

  • Action Button (Optional): This column is filled with an Action Button’s name if it needs.

  • Target Menu (Optional): This column is utilized to dropdown when the user could select target menu from Action Button created

  • Published at (Optional): This column is used if the app owner needs to update the product at the appointed time.