ENG Booking


This feature displays a list of orders. Using this feature, you can book an appointment at a particular time. This feature is informative for admins when the order list form is filled out. The booking service feature provides actions for approval/cancellation related to the order list.

Feature Activation Steps

  1. Go to engine.compro.id, select Stage 3 - Content, then click add new features. Then a display like the following will appear.

  2. Then select manage content to fill out the order list form. After that, fill in the content related to questions that the user must fill in as information for the admin..



  • Title: This column is filled with the booking title you want.

  • Featured Image: This column is filled with the image you want to appear on the booking menu.

  • Booking with Payment: Select YES, if you want to book with payment. If activated, the Price column will appear.

  • Price: This column is filled with the price from the booking.

  • Content: This column is filled with a description of the booking you want to display.

  • Customize Booking Form: There are 3 default forms including; Name, Booking Time and Booking Date. These three forms cannot be deleted or edited. In addition, you can add a booking form by clicking the (+) icon.

  • Action Button (Optional): This column is filled with Action Button if you want to add an Action Button.

  • Target Menu (Optional): This column functions as a dropdown where the user can choose the target menu instead of the Action Button created,

  • Add Action Button (Optional): This column adds an Action Button when steps 4 and 5 have been carried out.

  • Submit: Click Submit when the data entered is complete.

Display on APP

  1. The users logs in to the application.

  2. Select Menu Booking on the side menu of the application.

  3. Select Booking available in the application.

  4. Fill in the form provided, then click Book Now.

  5. You have successfully made a booking.

  1. Users can see the booking in the Booking History in the side menu.


  1. Open engine.compro.id

  2. Click Manage Content on Booking Menu

  3. Click Edit.

  4. User data will be entered in User Responses.

  5. Click Edit Content to see detailed user data.

  6. Next will appear View Detail user data.