ENG Category


The Category is a feature for creating categories in the application. For example: in your application, you have a Clothing menu in which there are sub-menus: Men's clothing and women's clothing. After clicking on men's clothing, the customer can see the products provided.



  1. Access the engine.compro.id page

  2. Enter in step 3.

  3. Click Add New Feature

  1. Select Category then click Add This Feature

  1. Click Icon to select the icon you want to use, Enter the menu title or title in the column provided. Then click the green check.

  1. To fill in the content in the Category, please click Manage Content.

In Category you can create categories using different features and depths. For example: In this menu, you can create a menu with feature contents:

- Contact

- Gallery

- Article

- Product with category

  1. Click Add New Feature

  1. Select the required feature then click Add This Feature.

  1. If you want to add a category with 2 depths, please repeat the previous step: Click Add new feature > Select Category