ENG Complain


The compliant feature is used by Merchants/Vendors to check and respond to complaints from users after making transactions on the application.


  • The complaint feature can only use it for the Professional package. 

  • Must enable Login Enabled and Shopping Enabled feature.


  1. Access the engine.compro.id page, then enter in Step 3. Then activate the Multi-Vendor Feature in the Additional Features section.

  2. After the user makes a transaction on the application, the Merchant/Vendor needs to change the transaction status first through the engine in the Shopping>Transaction List section.


  • Cancelled: Transaction canceled. 

  • Pending: Transaction is underpayment checking. 

  • In Process: Transaction is being processed (Packing Goods).

  • Delivered: Transaction is in progress.

  • Complained: Transactions have complaints from users.

  • Completed: Transaction complete.

3. When changing the transaction status to Delivered. 

A page for filling in the recipient’s name will appear. Once filled in, click the submit button. 


  1. After the user receives the goods, the user can submit a complaint through the Transaction History on the side menu of the application.

  2. To submit a complaint, click the complaint button.

    Click the Complete button when the transaction is complete.

  3. Click the Add New Complain button. Then two options will appear: \

    - I haven't received the item: Which means the goods have not been received.

       - I received defective or incomplete items: The item received is defective/damaged or
        The item received is incomplete. 


  1. If you choose I haven't received the item, then two options will appear : 

 The purchase items are delivered to the customer, which means the goods' purchase is sent to the customer. 

- Request for shipping investigation: This means a delivery check request. 

* Choose one according to your needs.


- Message: The message that the user wants to convey to the seller. 

- Take Photo: Upload pictures if needed. 

- Submit Complaint: Click the Submit Complaint button when the data has been filled in. 

If you choose I received defective or incomplete items; then two options will appear:

-   Ask for a refund and return the items: Which means Requesting a refund and return of goods. 

 -    Ask to exchange an item: Which means Requesting an exchange of goods.

4. After the user makes a complaint on the application, the transaction status in the engine> Transaction List section will automatically change to Complaint.

5. Select Manage Vendor > Complain

6. In the Acceptance section, change the status to Confirmed.

7. Click View Discussion.

8. Merchant/Vendor can respond to Complaint in the Message field.

*Note: Display Complaint Details from the user. 

9.   Then Click Submit.

10. After the Merchant/Vendor responds to the Complaint on the engine, the Complaint Response will enter the application.

-   Users can see the answer to complaints from Merchant/Vendor by: 

a. Select Transaction History on the side menu of the application. 

b.  Click Complain.

c. Click the See Discussion button.

d. Merchant/Vendor answers will appear. 

e. Users can reply to responses from Merchant/Vendor in the column below. 

Replies from users will appear at the bottom of the Merchant/Vendor answers.