ENG Custom Delivery Esimation


This type of delivery allows application owners to deliver their products using their courier and with shipping costs set manually by the application owner.


  • Available only for Advanced dan Professional product type.

  • Required first to enable the Login Enabled / Guest Checkout and Shopping Enabled features.


  1.  Login to your engine and activate the Custom Delivery Estimation feature on Step 3 (Content).

  2. Press the Save Additional Feature button.

After that, the Custom Delivery Estimation feature will appear > click Custom on the left side.


  1. Select Custom on Customize Delivery Charge Estimation.

  2. Four parts must have a setting by the app's owner, such as Set Delivery Origin, Set Delivery Expeditions, Set Delivery Rates, and Set Delivery Status List.

  • Set Delivery Origin

The app’s owner has to decide the initial location of which the goods will be shipped.

Press the Change button to change the initial location from the delivery origin that continues by deciding the destination include Province, City, and Suburb.

  • Set Delivery Expeditions
    This part is used to determine the name and code of the expedition that the customer will utilize to select it. For filling the list, you can press the (+) button as in the image below.

    The way to fill it is by writing the name and code of expedition based on your preferences, as a sign of the expedition's name that delivery made earlier. If everything is done, you can press the submit button to save those data.

3. Set Delivery Rates
This part is used to determine the estimation delivery rates per unit kilogram (KG) and timely delivery of the product. This part is executable after the app's owner has done the delivery expeditions before.

    Press the (+) button to determine the delivery cost. After that, the app's owner will be asked to fill out the data below. If everything is done, you can submit it to save those data.

  • Expedition
    This part is used to choose the existing expedition, and the options will appear if it has been made before.

  • Origin
    Fill this section with the initial delivery product.

  • Destination
    To be completed to show the final location of the consumer's location as a place to receive the product.

  • Rate per KG
    To be completed in to determine how much the products cost per kilograms.

  • Min. Delivery Days
    To be filled to determine the most efficient time in product delivery.

  • Max. Delivery Days
    To be filled in to determine the fastest time in product delivery.

4.  Set Delivery Status List

In this part, the app's owner will be asked to make delivery status from the delivery that the courier has taken until the delivery has ended.

Click (+) sign to make the status, then complete the Code, Title and Description. If everything is done, we can press submit button to save those data.


The display which will be appeared on the apps if the modification done by the engine is shown as follows : 

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, select Bank Transfer as the payment type.

  2. The delivery menu will appear by using that shipper, then choose Domestic part.

  3. Select the province, city, suburb, and area on Shopping Cart.

  4. In the Pick Delivery Service part, a Delivery Expedition will appear that has been made. In this image below, the product will provide delivery using AZ Express created earlier.
    * Note:

Courier selections are only shown when the address origin and delivery address as the same as in Set Delivery Rates.

5. Afterward, the destination, time estimation, cost, and amount of money of the delivery will appear, which is supposed to be paid by the customer.

6. If the information shows up, the customer can continue to Check Out.