ENG Digital Reward


The Digital Reward feature allows customers to exchange their points for vouchers (Promo Code). 



  • You must have a Promo Code as a reward.

  • First, activate the Login Enabled, Membership Features, Shopping, and Promo Code feature. 

  • *Note: If you don’t have or activate the promo code feature, click here.


  1. Acces the engine.compro.id page, enter at step 3.

  2. Activate (click on) Digital Reward > Save Additional Features.

  3. Go to Menu Membership Membership>Reward List on the left side.

  4. Add a reward by clicking the (+) sign on the top right.

  5. Next,  fill in the data from the digital reward that will be used in the application.

Image Description:

  • Name : to enter the reward digital name.

  • Choose image : to select an image. 

  • Price (in Points) : to enter your digital reward price select an image.
    Example: If you enter 100 points, then the application user must have 100 points to exchange for rewards.  

  • Quantity : Amount of digital reward. 

  • Expiry Time (in Hours) : The reward's expiry time is successfully exchanged

  • Type : Select the Digital type.

  • Promo Code : Enter the promo code when application users exchange for rewards 

  • Tutorial : Enter the reward redemption tutorial. 

  • Terms & Conditions : Enter Terms & Conditions.


  1. Click Reward on the side menu of the application

  2. Select the Reward available in the application. 

  3. Click the Get button > next select Yes.

  4. Redeem has been done successfully. To check the Redeem Reward, click My Item.

  5. Vouchers can use to make purchases on the application.