ENG Flexible List


To display the writing data, you can use the Flexible List feature.


Basic, Advanced and Professional types applications can use this feature.


  • In the Flexible List feature, it is recommended that it contains only text and images.

  • In the Flexible List feature, it is not recommended to upload a lot of YouTube videos, because Google can get rejected.

  • If you want to upload a lot of YouTube videos, it is recommended to use the Video feature. Stages of using the Video feature, click here.


  1. Access the engine.compro.id page to enter in step 3.

  2. Click Add New Feature 

  1. Choose Flexible list, then click add this feature.

  1. Next, the following screen will appear.

Image Description:

  • Icon: used to change icon menu

  • Insert Title: write the name of the menu in this section

  • Layout: Select the product layout you want, after filling all click save (checkmark)

  1. To fill the content at flexible list, click Manage Content

  1. Click Add data

  1. Fill in the content as needed.

Image Description:

  • Title: filled with content title

  • Content: This column is filled with content for a flexible list

  • Action Button Name (Optional): This column is filled with the name Action Button if you want to add an Action Button.

  • Target Page (Optional): This column functions as a dropdown where the user can choose the target menu instead of the Action Button created.

  • Published at (Optional): This column is used if the app owner wants to update the product at a certain time.

  • Submit: This button is pressed if the data entered is considered correct.