The Gallery Feature is used to display images that can support the promotion or introduction of a company.


  1.  Log in to your engine and click the Add New Feature menu on Step 3 (Content).

  1. Select the Gallery menu, click Add This Feature, and choose the Add This Feature button.

  1. After that, specify the List and Detail views you need to use, as shown in the image below. Click the Change Layout button to modify it.


If the List function is disabled, you can only enter 1 page of images. Otherwise, if enabled, you can add other images as much as you need.

  1. After selecting the display for the menu, you may give your feature a name.


To change the icon on the menu, please click the empty box on the left. The system will display the selection of the provided icon. When you've found the required icon, click the Select Icon button.

  1. If everything is completely done, you can click the checkmark to add the feature.

  1. To fill in the content, click manage content.

  1. Next, fill in the gallery based on your needs.

Image Explanation:

  • Title: This section is intended for the image title you want to display.

  • Image: This field is used to upload the required image.

  • Content: This part is filled with a description of the attached image. In this section, the data entered can be adjusted as needed, either using the provided tools or HTML CSS styling that can be inputted through the code view. You can also insert images, links, videos, and tables in this part.

  • Action button (Optional): This column is filled with the name of the Action Button if you need to add an Action Button.

  • Target menu (Optional): This column is used as a dropdown where the user can select the target menu of the Action Button created.

  • Published at (Optional): This field is used if the app owner wants to update the image at a specified time.


If you show the gallery on the homepage in a dynamic layout, there will be columns for the Home Action button and Target URL.  

  • Home action button: This column has two options. An External link is used if the image redirects the URL outside the application. An Internal link is used If the image redirects to the application section.

  • Target URL: To fill out the URL that will be the target when the image is clicked.

  • Submit: This button is pressed if the data entered is correct.

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