This feature allows users to place orders for goods using the GoSend delivery service.


  • Aktivasi Google Maps API Key. For the guide, click here. (If you have got the API Key, send it to Compro Support to be activated)

  • Top Up Saldo GO-SEND to use delivery service.


  1. Setting in Data Sender

  1. After Compro Support activates the API Key, the next step is the application owner have to  fill in the data on Data Sender in CMS > Customize Delivery > GO-SEND

  1. Complete the information on the Delivery Origin Address and Map Coordinates to display the delivery location of the goods. Filling in the information is done before using the GO-SEND service.

Image Description: 

  • Balance GO-SEND: Go-send balance display that application owners can use

  • Origin Name: Sender name

  • Origin Phone: Sender's phone number

  • Display City: City Name displayed

  • Origin Address: Sender’s Address

  • Map Latitude and Map Longitude: this can be filled in with the coordinates of the shipping map. You can also directly shift the point on the map.  

  1. GO-SEND Balance Top Up
    To use GO-SEND delivery, the application owner must make a GO-SEND top-up balance request. The delivery fee is applicable in the application will be charged to the application owner by reducing the nominal balance held.

  1. Enter engine.compro.id > Customize Delivery > GO-SEND

  2. Choose Top Up Balance

  3. Select total GO-SEND Credit who you need to top up, and press the BUY button.

  4. Filter data in the Contact Information column and select Bank Transfer in the Choose Payment Method section> Click Checkout.

  5. After pressing the Checkout button, upload proof of payment.

  6. Select which bank is the intended recipient of funds in the Payment To section.

  7. Upload proof of payment in the Upload Payment Proof section by pressing the Upload Photo button. When finished, click  I Have Completed Payment.

  8. When finished, the Payment Successful page will appear. And can view transaction history by pressing the See History button.

  9. If you have received approval from admin, the requested balance will be added automatically to the application owner and can be seen in Settings > Customize Delivery Charge Estimation> GO-SEND > Data Sender on CMS.

  1. Stages of using the application

  1. Select the product to buy, then click checkout.

  2. At Select Delivery, choose GO-SEND

  1. Specify your location as the product delivery location on the Choose Destination button.

Next, the types of shipping costs available to that address will appear.
- If GO-SEND Instant is selected, the estimateddelivery duration is 1-2 hours.
- If GO-SEND SameDay is selected, the estimated delivery duration is 6-8 hours.

  1. After all payment information has been filled, click Checkout.

  1. GO-SEND Ordering Stage by Application owner

  1. If the buyer has made a payment, the payment must be confirmed in advance by the application owner. The Application owner must change the transaction status of the buyer from Pending to In Process by pressing the Update Status button.
    * Status changes can be accessed from Engine>Shopping>Transaction List 

  1. After changing the transaction status, the application owner must press the Booking Menu button located on the Transaction List page on the right. The Application Owner does this to find a GO-SEND courier to pick up the goods ordered by the buyer.
    The Make Booking button will appear if the application owner has a GO-SEND balance. If it is insufficient or less than the nominal shipping fee to the buyer’s location, the button will not appear.

  1. Then The feature will display the details of the fees charged. 

  • The Application owner will be charged a processing fee of 1,5% of the GO-SEND delivery fee. So it will reduce the balance of the application owner with that nominal.

  • The nominal Processing Fee is calculated by rounding up.

  1. If you have pressed the Make Booking button but have not received a courier or cancelled to pick up the goods, the Retry Booking button will appear. So the application owner has to press the button and wait to get a new courier.

  2. Buyers can find out the tracking status of the goods purchased by pressing the Track GO-SEND Status button on the Transaction Detail page.

  1. Press the Live Tracking button to track the courier’s on the same page position on the same page.