ENG Google API Key

Get Google API Key

The Google API key makes it easier for Google to track apps because we can use the features provided by Google with the API Key. The intended feature is to be able to detect the location.

In the Compro application, two features require an API key:

  1. Shipping by Godsend

  2. Field Location on the form feature. 

Here's how to get the google map API Key:

  1. Click https://console.developers.google.com/

  1. Check the terms and services, then click agree and continue

  2. Click create project

  1. Then the following page will appear. Create your project name, for example, API Key App Compro

  1. Please click activate API and services.

  1. Next, a list of APIs that you can activate will appear. The API Keys must activate ree:

  • Maps Javascript API

  • Places API

  • Geocoding API

  1. First, click Maps Javascript API.

  1. After the following page appears, then click Activate.

  1. Click back to enter the API list, reactivate the Places API and Geocoding API

  1. Next, please click the Activate button to create your payment account.

  1. Check the terms and service box, then click continue

  1. In step 2, please fill in your name and address.

  1. Fill in your credit card information, then click Start my Free Trial.

  1. After doing the steps for creating a payment account, please click on the three lines on the top left > API & Services > Credentials.

  1. Select generate credentials > API Key.

  1. The fire key will appear; please copy it on your Fire Key, then send it to Compro support.