ENG Invite Guest


Additional facilities are used in this Online Reservation feature from the admin side of your application. 

As the event organizer, you can directly send invitations to your guests to this additional facility. Guests do not need to wait for prior approval to get a QR Code.

This feature works by accessing your application admin page and doesn't work from your application side.


  • Can be used on Basic, Advanced and Professional packages.

  • Must Activate the Online Reservation Feature first.


  1. Login on the engine page, then activate Invite Guest Feature on Step 3 (Content).

  2. Click Save Additional Feature button.


  1. First, make the desired event by using the Online Reservation Menu. To add an Online Reservation Menu, go to step 3 engine, then click the Add New Features button.

  2. Click App Management.

  3. Click Manage Content.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Click Manage Reservations.

  6. Choose Invite Guest Button.

  7. Fill in your information as the person who invites and who wants to provide the QR Code of the event.

  1. The fields below fill with information about your guests. If you want to invite more than 1 guest, please click the Person column, and the maximum number of guests is 6 guests. Press Submit when finished.

  2. Then the system will automatically send a QR Code to the email of each of your guests. So that when they are at the event location, they can go directly to the reception and scan their QR Code.