Application owners can change feature settings for created or ongoing applications. You can view the display of this feature by accessing the Third stage (Content) on the Engine.


To use this feature, simply click the On/Off button in each segment to use this feature. For example, the following displays when this feature is enabled or disabled.



  1. Login Enable

This feature serves to change the settings for the application login function. If activated, the application user can register himself as an application member. The list of registered users appears in the engine's User List menu. 

  • The image below displayed the sidebar menu of activated features.

  1. Login Required

This feature displays the login page on the mobile application, so application users must log in/register first before accessing the application content.

  • The Login Enabled feature must enable first to enable the required login feature.

  1. Login Approval

This feature serves to provide approval to users who register on the application. Suppose the admin of the application does not approve the user who registers. In that case, the user will not be registered as a member of the application and cannot enter the application.

  • The Login Enabled feature has to start first to activate the Login Approval. 

  • It appears as the activated application feature. It shows if the application admin has not approved prospective users who have just registered.

The following is a view of the user list when this feature is activated.

Click approve if you want to support the user as a member.