ENG Mail Quota Information



The application owner uses this feature to determine how much email has been used. For each application, 1000 email quotas are given every month, and so on.


The system will automatically send an email to:

- App Owner

- Sub-admin (applies multiple)

- App User



App A contains the App owner, two sub-admins, and a user.

So if there is a registration made, the system will send four emails:

- 1 email to App Owner 

- 2 emails to sub-admin

- 1 email to App User

This email quota will be calculated and reduced if you experience the following conditions:

  1. Users who register into the application.

  2. Transaction activities for product purchases.

  3. Pengisian data dalam bentuk Form yang meliputi menu Form, Contact Form dan Booking. I was filling in the data in the Form, which includes the Form menu, Contact Form, and Booking.

  4. The Wishlist feature with an email reduction applied to the Buy Here and I Will Buy It Myself options.

  5. Use of the Online Reservation feature.

  6. Use the Events feature. When a user presses the I Will Attend This Event button, the system will notify the application owner.


  1. Log in to the engine and access the Mail Quota Information menu in the App Management section on the left side menu.

  1. Then it will display the number of emails that have been sent automatically from the system in the current month period.


  1. If the email quota has reached the maximum limit, the application can still use normally. It's just that the amount of email quota usage will continue even though it has crossed the limit.

  2. For every email that exceeds the limit, an additional fee of IDR 15,000 per 1000 emails will charge. The system will send proof of the bill via email to the email of the application owner.

  3. The email quota will be reset to 1000 emails in the following month. It is applied every month if it enters the first day of the month.

  1. For example, the email quota used in March is less than 1000 or past 1000. Then when you enter the first date in April, the email quota for your application will be reset back to 1000 emails.