ENG Manual Payment Method


The application owner uses this feature to display the procedure for making manual payments and the account number used as payment for products buyers have purchased from the application.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only available in Advanced and Professional packages.

  • Must enable the Login Enabled and Shopping Enabled features first.


  1. Login to your engine and enable the Shopping Enabled feature in Step 3 (Content).

  2. Click the Save Additional Feature button

Next, the Shopping feature will appear on the left side of the slide.


  1. Click Manual Payment Method Feature

  2. The application owner can make changes (update) information on how to pay after the buyer has finished purchasing the product and has passed the order confirmation stage (checkout). Changes to the info are made in the Instructions section. Press the Update Instructions button to save the latest info if you have finished making these changes.

  3. Application owners can also attach their account data used as payment information to buyers in the Customize Manual Payment Method List section.


  • Bank Name: filled with the name of the bank of the application owner

  • Account Number: filled with the application owner's bank account number

  • Account Holder Name: Fill in the name of the account owner

  • Message: filled with additional information regarding the account entered

  • Submit: click if the data entered is correct


The appearance of the application for the buyer (user) is as follows: