ENG Merchant Configuration


This feature makes configuration settings related to merchants and vendors who join your application.


  1. Only applies to applications with the Professional App type

  2. Activating Multivendor Feature


  1. Enter engine. compro.id then enter stage 3 (content), then activate Multi Vendor Features in additional features.

  1. Go to the Manage Vendor menu > Merchant Configuration.

  2. Next, the following screen will appear.

Caption :

  • Autocomplete delivered transaction: The transaction status changes automatically from delivered (already arrived) to complete.
    Disabled: If you want to autocomplete not active
    It is enabled: If you want to autocomplete to be active.

  • Delivered to complete lifetime (in an hour): The time it takes for the transaction status to change to complete automatically

  • Closed complain to complete lifetime (in an hour): The time it takes for the status of the complaint to be complete (if there is no response from the customer)

  • Merchant Location: To determine the merchant's location, you can immediately move the red dot on the map or fill in the longitude and latitude coordinates.

  • Company Latitude: Can be filled with latitude coordinates.

  • Company Longitude: Can be filled with longitude coordinates


  • Vendor Auto Approve Product: The product entered by the vendor is automatically approved. Please activate and tick which vendors can auto-approve.

  • Show Print Transaction to Vendor: To make arrangements, whether the vendor can print transactions on the transaction list or not.