ENG Midtrans


This page will explain the procedure for integrating payment methods in the application using a Payment Gateway, namely Midtrans.


  • The application must be of Advanced or Professional type

  • At least the application has made an APK request

  • Valid for Individual or Company legality

  • There is already a product in the application

  • Have filled in your shopping terms conditions in the application. 


  1. Affiliate applied for apps integration with Midtrans and explained the type of business to Compro.

  2. Compro briefly explains what Midtrans is


Midtrans is Compro's payment gateway partner who aims to make it easier for customers to make online payments via credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and bank transfers (banks that are members of the ATM Bersama, Prima/Alto network), Go-pay and Shopee Pay.

  1. The application owner performs the Midtrans account registration stage. To do this, please click the following link:

  2. After registering, please inform the live chat team.

  3. Merchants must fill in the form provided

  1. Furthermore, the Compro Support Team will assist in the Midtrans account registration process.

  2. The Support Team sends an email to Midtrans to activate the email account, which will also be cc to the application owner.

  3. Furthermore, the Midtrans team will inform you about the shortcomings and the next steps via email.

Display Application Transactions Using Midtrans

  1. Users can choose the type of online payment in the shopping cart > Checkout

  1. Select Pay Now

  1. Choose the desired payment method such as Virtual account, Gopay, Credit Card or Shopee Pay


The payment method is adjusted to the payment channel that is activated when conducting the PKS (Cooperation Agreement)

  1. After the user successfully makes a payment, the transaction status on engine.compro.id will automatically change to settlement.

  1. The owner of the application can process the next transaction, namely the delivery of goods.