ENG Online Reservation + Admin Scan


The Online Reservation feature makes it easier for your application users to make an online reservation by placing an order in advance and scanning the QR Code when they are at the event location.

The events like weddings, birthdays, seminars can apply to this feature and other events that use the reservation concept.



  1. All application types (Basic, Advanced and Professional) can use online reservation

  2. Must enable the Login Enabled and User Group features.Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

  3. Delegate to one person with the role of Admin QR Code Scanner.

  1. Add Features + Reservation Filling

  1. Access the engine.compro.id page Enter at step 3.

  2. Click Add New Feature


  1. Select Online Reservation, then click add this feature

  1. Next, the following display will appear

Caption :

  • Icon: used to change the menu icon

  • Insert Title: Write the name of the menu in this section 

  • List: Activate the list if you want to place several online reservationsIkon Diverifikasi Komunitas

  • Layout: Select the online reservation layout you want. After filling everything in, please click save (checkmark)

  1. To fill in the content on the online reservation, please click Manage Conten

  1. Click Add Data

  1. Please fill in the online reservation according to your needs

Caption :

  • Title: Fill with the name of the online reservation

  • Image: used to upload the reservation image

  • Ticket List: Works if the application owner wants the event to be paid (Ticket list will explain the tutorial on how to use with payment further)



  • Content: This column is filled with a description of the product.

  • Action Button Name (Optional): This column is filled with Action Button if you want to add an Action Button.

  • Target Page (Optional): This column functions as a dropdown where the user can choose the target menu instead of the Action Button createdIkon Diverifikasi Komunitas

  • Published at (Optional): This column is used if the app owner wants to update the product at a certain time.

  • After clicking Submit, there will be a Manage Reservation button to make further settings.

  • Settings: to set the maximum number of participants when making a reservation.

  • Guest List: To see all users who have not attended the event.

  • Invite Guest: The application owner can directly invite the user to participate in the event.

  • Export File: To export the list of users who have made a reservation.  


  1. Steps of reservation on application

  1. If a menu fills the engine page, the application displays it below. Enter the number of people who will make a reservation in the Participant section and press the Get Tickets button to proceed to the following process. Make sure you have logged in first.

  1. Next, the user will fill in the application owner's reservation. Please enter your name, email address and telephone number. Check the exact contact details if the participant information is the same as the contact details.


  1. Then press the reserve button, and the temporary status of the order will appear.

  2. To see the status of the event reservation, the user can see it on the side menu of the application on the Reservation List menu.


  1. Approval of Reservation Application

After someone makes an online event reservation through the application, the application owner must approve. If it approves, then the person will get a QR Code. The application will provide QR codes via email and the Reservation List menu.


Reservation Approval Stages

  1. Access the application admin page and select the Online Reservation menu. Then press the Manage Reservation button to see the number of people who have made a reservation.

  1. The data of people who have made a reservation will be displayed.

  1. Press the View button to view the complete information or give approval to the person by clicking Approve in the Action section.

  1. Then the order status will automatically change to Approved, and the user will get a QR Code.

  1. Users can view the reservation status from the Application > Side menu > Reservation List.



  1. Adding Scan QR Code Admin

People who have made the reservation will come to the event while bringing the QR Code. Then from the side of the event organizers, they must prepare scanning staff to scan the QR code of guests who come



  1. Access your application's engine.compro.id page, select the User Group menu. Create a group whose task is to scan the QR Code owned by the guest. Check the Online Reservation menu that you created. Press Submit if it is appropriate.

  1. After that, put a checkmark on the user group created earlier in the Reservation Admin section. So, your staff can scan the QR Code owned by guests. Here are the steps :

  • Enter the online reservation Menu

  • Click Manage Reservation

  •  Choose Settings

  • Choose Go To Reservation Admin Setting 

  • Centang Admin QR then click Submit


  1. Also, make sure that your staff has registered in your application. However, before the admin logs into the application, change the status of your staff group to the previously created Scanner Admin group. The Admin  can change it from the User List menu.


  1. Ask your staff to log in to the application and access the QR Code Scanner menu.

  1. Point the scanner pointer at the QR Code belonging to guests present at the event. If successful, a success notification will appear in the image below.

  1. The attendance status of participants will also change.