ENG Online Reservation with Payment


The online reservation feature can be used for paid events or events, for example for paid seminars. So that the online reservation feature can continue at the payment stage, do the following steps. 


  1. Can be used for applications on Basic, Advanced and Professional package.

  2. Must activate the Login Enabled, Shopping Enabled and User Group features.


  1. Enter in engine.compro.id

  2. To fill in the content on the online reservation, click Manage Content

  1. Click Add data

  1. Then, fill ini the online reservation content.

  2. On the ticket list, click YES

  1. In the Variant list, it can fill with seminar variables, for example; Seminar Type.

For example, there will be 2 types of tickets on sale Silver and Gold

  • Name: Fill in the name of the ticket.

  • Jenis Seminar: Fill with variable tickets sold.

  • Stock: Can fill with the amount of stock provided.

  • Price: Enter the ticket price.

  1. Then complete the content data.

  • Content: This column is filled with a description of the product.

  • Action Button Name (Optional): This column is filled with the name Action Button if you want to add an Action Button.

  • Target Page (Optional): This column functions as a dropdown where the user can choose the target menu instead of the Action Button created.

  1. You can add forms if needed.

  • Field Name: This field is filled with the name of the form you want to appear.

  • Type: This column contains the type variant used for the column to be entered in the form.

  • Required: This option is optional, which means that later the user is required to fill in this field or not. If it is mandatory, then later in your application there will be a red asterisk that must be filled in by the user to proceed to the next stage.

  • Order: This column serves to sort the column that you want to display in which order based on a numerical sequence number.

  • Add (+): Press this button when you are finished entering the desired form fields.

  • Submit: Press this button when all settings are done to bring up the form in the application.

  • Published Date (Optional): This column is used if the app owner wants to update the product at a certain time.


  1. Ticket Purchase Stage on the application

  1. The user enters the application and selects the ticket to be purchased.

  2. Click Get Ticket.

  1. Next, fill in the participant details, after that click add to cart

  1. Users will be directed to enter the shopping cart page, fill in the required transaction data, then clic checkout

  1. Make a payment according to the total transaction.