ENG Pair Product Category


The Pair Product category connects the master product category with the menu on an existing application.
As an illustration, please look at the following picture:

Image Caption:

  • For example, the merchant has three application menus: Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, and Children's Clothing.

  • Merchants have made a list of product categories according to the menu's name. 

  • So, when Vendor A is given access to add products to the men's clothing menu, then on vendor A's engine, there will be a Men's Clothing menu.

  • Menswear menu will not appear on vendors B and C

  • Vendor B can only use the menu on Women's Clothing

  • Vendor C has access to the product on Women's Clothing and Children's Clothing.


  1. Activate the multi-vendor feature on engine.compro.id in step 3

  2. This feature available only on professional type applications


  1. After the merchant makes a menu for the application and product category, please enter Manage Vendor > Pair Product Category

  1. After that, please click edit on Product Category.

  1. Please select the menu linked to the master product category, then click save.

  1. The following is an example of a master product category linked to the menu in the application.