ENG Personal Push Notification

Personal Push Notification is to notify certain users that you want. 


  1. It only applies to applications with Advanced and Professional packages.

  2. Make a request first to Compro Support to be activated

  3. Activate the Login Enabled feature and ensure some users have registered for your application.


  1. Enter on engine.compro.id, access the User List menu. Then select which user you want to be notified of and click Personal Notification.

  1. Click the (+) Plus button on the top right to add user notifications.

  1. Then make sure there is a sentence like an arrow below, which means you will send personal notification to that user. Fill in the Title and Massage with the contents of the information you want to send.

  2. Next, fill out the following page.

  • Target Menu: This means that when the pop-up notification is clicked, you can navigate to another menu in the application or stay on the notification list page.

  • Delivery Type: The notification you want to give is if you wish to be sent right now (Immediate) or want it to be scheduled (Scheduled Notification) to be delivered automatically to your users.


The picture below shows the user has received the notification sent from the system.