ENG Pick Up


The Pick-Up feature can be used as an alternative location for picking up goods that have been purchased from buyers through the application. This feature allows buyers to choose the desired location to pick up their ordered goods with a note that you, as the owner of the application, add the location of the pick-up branch to be displayed in the application.



  1. This feature is available only on Advanced and Professional packages.

  2. Activate Login Enabled, Shopping Enabled, and Pick Up 



  1. Access engine.compro.id page.

  2. Enter in step ke 3

  1. To activate this feature, activate (click on) the Pick-Up feature.

4. Then click Save Additional Feature


5. Enter the Customize Delivery Charge Estimation Menu, then select Pick Up


6. Click on the (+) sign to enter the Store name and Address. 


7. Give the name of the branch for picking up goods in the Branch Name section and the full address of the branch in the Address section.

8. After that, please click Submit.


  1. Select the product you want to buy and enter the purchase amount. Then proceed to the Checkout page. Then complete the information on the page and select Pick Up in the Select Delivery column. 

  1. Select the previously registered branch and press the Confirm Selection button. 

  1. Then it will display complete information regarding the details of where to pick up the goods.