ENG Push Notification

The application owner uses this feature to send any information in the form of a notification. The notification sent will be received directly to the mobile phone of each application user who has downloaded and installed the application.

There are several variations in sending notifications :

  1. Based on the Target Device, you only want to send notifications to users who use Android or iOS (Apple) type mobile phones only.

  2. Based on the Target Group, you only want notifications to be directed to users who are in a certain category. With a note, the User Group feature has been activated before using this variation.

  3. Based on Delivery Type, which means that the notification you want to give is whether you want to be sent right now (Immediate) or you want it to be scheduled (Scheduled Notification) to be given automatically to your users.

    For Scheduled Notifications, select Select Date and Time. Then specify the desired date and time. The user will then receive a notification based on the pre-arranged date and time.

  4. Based on a certain user (Personal Push Notification), you only want to give this notification to certain users you want.

  5. Overall (All) means that all users of your application will receive the notifications you send regardless of the Target Device Target Group, or Delivery Type.


  1. Log in to the engine and access the Push Notification menu in the App Management section on the left side menu.

  2. Click the (+) button as shown below to add a new notification.

  3. Give the notification title in the Title section and the contents of the notification in the Message section.

  4. When the user has received the notification, specify what menu you want to convey. Can be selected from the Target Menu options.

  5. Also specify the notification delivery variation based on the Target Device, Target Group, and Type.

  6. If you want to add an Action Button, you can select the Target Menu first, then give the button a name in the Action Button section.

    Then the button will be displayed as shown below in the Message section.

  7. Press the Submit button when finished, and a notification will display below.

  8. The results of the notifications sent can also be seen in the status. If the status shows Complete, the notification has been successfully sent and received by the user.


  1. Sending notifications based on certain users means that you only want to give this notification to certain users that you want. There are provisions and several steps to use this variation :

  • It only applies to applications with Advanced and Professional types.

  • Make a request first to Compro Support to be activated.

  • Activate the Login Enabled feature and make sure some users have registered for your application.

  • To use this variation, access the User List menu. Then select which user you want to be notified of and select Personal Notification.

2. Click the (+) button as shown below to add a new personal notification.

3.  Then make sure there is a sentence like an arrow below, which means you will send personal notification to that user. Furthermore, for filling out this notification, the steps to be done are the same as adding notifications in general.


  1. The picture below shows the user has received the notification sent from the system.

  2. Because when making this notification, the selected target menu is the Notification List, then when clicked on the notification, it will be directed to a page that contains a list of notifications in the application.