PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a website that is built with the same appearance as an application. Thus this feature can provide an experience like using Mobile Apps. In addition, you can create a shortcut on the mobile homepage without installing the application. Features Provide convenience for customers to access the website before downloading the application to find out the product/business offered.


  1. Provide Domain, SSL, and Hosting

Free Hosting for 1 Year (Period 11 November 2020 s/d 31 Mei 2022)

  1. Publish PWA

  2. Can be used for applications with Basic, Advanced, and Professional package.


  • Don't have Domain, SSL, and Hosting yet
    If you don't have a domain, SSL, and hosting, you are required to provide it first. You can buy it through Compro.

  • Already have a Domain but don't have an SSL
    If you already have a domain but don't have SSL and hosting, then you are required to fill in your domain information and make a purchase of SSL and Hosting.

  • Already have Doman and SSL
    If you already have a domain and SSL, then you are required to purchase hosting at Compro


  • Domain, SSL and Hosting Prices at Compro

  • Domain IDR 150,000 for the first year, IDR 225,000 for the following year.

  • SSL IDR 200,000/year

  • Hosting IDR 500,000/year (Free during the period 11 November 2020 to 31 May 2022)

  • SSL, we recommend buying only at https://www.namecheap.com/ 

  • Unable to provide your own hosting, you must use the hosting provided by Compro.

  • You can publish PWA without publishing it on Playstore and Appstore first.

  • The maintenance fee will still be calculated from the date the PWA is published. The estimated PWA publishing is 1-3 working days.

  • The PWA display cannot be customized and its appearance automatically adjusts to the appearance of the application.

  • PWA hosting capacity adjusts to the storage in the application.

  • Advantages of PWA :

  • Faster loading times.

  • There is Add to Home Screen (Add to Home Screen)

  • More attractive user interface

  • Can be accessed like a website or like an app

  • The fastest option to publish apps without having to go through the Google Play Store and App Store

  • Easier to access (no need to download apps)


  1. Open engine.compro.id, enter at step 4 (Publish)

  2. Next select I would like to publish on PWA

  1. Click Buy Hosting, Domain, SSL

  2. Buy Domain and SSL, if you don't have both.

- Make an SSL purchase, if you already have your domain. Click Buy.

  1. Fill in your domain name, then click check domain to find out its availability, and if it is available, click Next.

  1. Choose a payment method for purchasing your domain. 

  1. After making the payment, please confirm by uploading the proof of transfer after that click “I Have Completed Payment”. 

  1. Confirm your payment at Compro support, after the payment is confirmed, the domain and SSL data fields will be automatically filled.

  1. Upload a social image with a resolution of 1200x628 pixels.

  1. Click Publish. Our team will carry out the PWA publishing process with an estimated 1-3 working days


  • Adding PWA shortcuts on PC

  1. Open PWA Domain on google chrome

  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right

  3. Click Install (PWA domain name)

  4. The PWA shortcut icon will appear on the desktop

  • Adding PWA shortcut on HP

  • Method 1

  1. Open PWA Domain on google chrome

  2. Automatically the button to add PWA to the main screen will appear at the bottom

  • Cara 2

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right

  2. Add to Home Screen

  3. The PWA shortcut icon will appear on the homepage