ENG Request File Progress


At engine.comrpo.id it is possible to export and import files in either .xlsx or .csv formats. Files to export are as follows: 

  • Transaction List, which can be exported is the history and details of transactions through the application. 

  • Feature Form, which can export, is filed in the User Response column.  

  • Feature Online Reservation can export files in the Guest List column. 

  • Feature User List, which can export, is user data registered through the application. 


And for imported files, namely: 

  • Product, Gallery, Online reservation, Booking, Flexible List feature, etc. 

Export: Convert data on the menu in the application to be issued in excel or CSV format. 

Import: Convert data in the form of excel or CSV to be entered into the menu in the application.


  • So that you can export and import, make sure there is a button on the feature. If there is no import feature, contact Compro Support.



  1. Enter on engine.compro.id, access the feature you want to export or import. 

  2. After that, for example, click export. Export.

  3. Next, to view the previously exported files, access the Requested File Progress menu. 

  1. When the requested file is finished, it will have the status Completed. If the file is not yet available, it will be in Pending status and will be notified again via email if it is available. If the status is Failed, then the request failed. You can see why the file failed to export or import in the email. 

  1. Click the Download File icon to get the file if the status is Completed.