ENG Request Product Category


This feature works if the vendor requests a category that the merchant has not provided.



  • This feature is available only on applications with the Professional type.



  1. Vendors enter engine.compro.id, select Manage Vendor > Request Product Category.

  2. Then select the + sign at the top right. 

  3. After that, enter the name of the category that is requested.

  4. The status of the requested category will appear.

  5. After that, the Vendor can approve it by:
    Go to Manage Vendor, Request product category

  • Merchant can approve category status by selecting approve, then clicking save

  • Merchants can fill in the code for the sub-category.

  • Next, merchants can set the category they want to be directed to in what menu. By clicking manage vendor > Pair Product category

  1. The Request Category on the vendor will change its status to approved.

  2. Vendors can start inputting products for that category.