In this menu, application owners can add rewards exchanged using points. Points can get users by making transactions on the application.


  1. It is available only on the Advanced and Professional packages.

 2. Must activate the Login Enabled and Membership Feature.


  1. Access your application engine page and activate the Login Enabled and Membership Feature features in the Additional Features section in Step 3.

  1. After the feature is activated, the Reward List feature will appear on the left side of the engine. Then click Reward List.

  1. Click the (+) button in the upper right corner.

  1. Then do some of the steps below.


  1. Name: Fill in the name of the reward item.

  2. Image: upload an image of the item you want to reward.

  3. Price (in points): Fill the number of points that must exchange for the reward item.

  4. Quantity: Fill in the amount available for the rewarded item.

  5. Expire Time (in Hours): Fill in the time required to redeem the reward item.

  6. Type: Select the form type over the reward item. There are three types:

  • Physical Item: Exchange points with rewards in the form of physical goods. For example, books, jackets, etc.

  • Digital: Exchange points with vouchers (Promo code) that the application owner has arranged. For the stages of using Digital Rewards, click here.

  1. Description: Fill in a description of the rewarded item.

  2. Tutorial: Fill in a tutorial on how to use the reward item.

  3. Terms & Conditions: Fill out the terms and conditions for the reward item. Then press the submit button to post.

  4. End Date: Fill in the end date of the Reward. If the Reward doesn't have an end date, it doesn't need to be filled in.

  5. Published at: Fill in the publish date of the reward.

  6. Submit: Click Submit when the data is complete.


  1. Digital Point Type Exchange Display 

  1. Log in to the application, then click Reward on the side menu of the application.

  2. Select an available Reward.

  3. Click the Get button, then click Yes.

  4. You have successfully exchanged your points for vouchers. The voucher can use during transactions on the application until the expiration date.

  1. Point Type Physical Item Exchange Display

  1. Log in to the application, then click Reward on the side menu of the application.

  1. Select an available Reward.

  2. Click the Get button, then click Yes.

  3. The user goes to the store owner of the application to collect the reward by showing the redeem history by clicking My Item on the side menu of the application.

  4. The store admin will input the code, then click the Get button.

  5. After that, the store admin gives a reward to the user.