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Registration Flow - Senang Pay Integration - Compro App

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  1. Affiliate contacts Compro Support.

  2. Compro Support asks whether the Affiliate already has a Senang Pay account or not. 



- Dont has a Senang Pay account yet. 

Compro Support directs Affiliates to register merchants at:



STEP THREE - I already have a Senang Pay account.

  1. Compro Support connects Affiliate to the Compro TechSup PIC, then provides the Senang Pay Affiliate account credentials (username and password) to access the MID and access key. 

  2. PIC Compro TechSup checks and sets the Affiliate’s Senang Pay account integrated into the Compro App. 

  3. The PIC Compro TechSup tested the Compro App.

  4. If it works, The PIC Compro TechSoup will inform the Affiliate that the application has been integrated with Senang Pay. 

  5. If it doesn’t work, PIC Compro TechSoup will contact the Senang Oay helpdesk to solve the problem until it’s successful; they will inform the Affiliate if the application has been integrated with Senang Pay.   


Subscription & Transaction Fees

There are three options for subscribing to the Senang Pay package

  1. Basic (RM300) 

  2. Advanced (RM450) 

  3. Special (RM1500)

To learn about subscription and transaction fees, click on the following link: https://senangpay.my/fee-costing-features/.

Subscription Fee

When registering an account, the Affiliate simultaneously chooses a subscription package from Senang Pay; It is recommended to select the Basic Package with a one-year subscription period (renewal applies).


Senang Pay Account Registration Flow



Disbursement Schedule

Disbursement of funds or payout from HappyPay to merchant accounts for two times a week, namely on Wednesdays and Fridays, with a minimum balance remaining in the merchant account of RM 100, with the following schedule;

  • Transactions that occur on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week can be withdrawn on the Wednesday of the following week.

  • Transactions that occur on Saturday, Sunday (this week), Monday, and Tuesday of the following week can be withdrawn on the Wednesday of the next week.

  • If the payment date coincides with a National holiday, Senang Pay will pay the merchant on the next working day.

  • The payment schedule from HappyPay to merchants every Wednesday and Friday is divided into five batches; batch one by 11:00 am, Batch 2 by 2:00 pm, batch three by 5:00 pm, batch four by 8:00 pm, batch 5: By 11:00 pm.


Disbursement Terms & Conditions

  1. The merchant account must be active. The merchant cannot make payments if the Senang Pay account is inactive. For this reason, please ensure that the Affiliate or merchant has paid the Senang Pay subscription fee.

  2. The minimum transfer paid by Senang Pay to the merchant is RM 100. If the merchant's balance is below that, Senang Pay will not make payments.

  3. The merchant needs to prepare a valid identity for the verification process for the payment to be processed.

  4. Merchants must provide correct information regarding the bank account number on the dashboard.

  5. Senang Pay has the right to request proof of delivery of the selected transaction to complete the payment process to the merchant.

  6. Senang Pay will not process payments for transactions deemed suspicious by the bank.