ENG Service


The Service feature allows users to order services according to the desired schedule. Users can directly make payments using the method provided by the application owner.


  1. This feature applies to products with Advanced and professional types.

  2. The current booking service can only be valid on the same day.


  1. Login to your engine and click the Add New Feature menu in Step 3 (Content).

  2. Select Service Menu and click Add This Feature.

  1. After that, please give the menu name for the feature.

    To change the icon for the menu, click the empty box on the left. Then a selection of icons that have been provided from the system will be displayed. If you an icon that you need, click the Select Icon button.

  2. If everything is complete, click the check mark to add the feature.

  3. To fill content at service, click Manage Content.

  4. Klik Add data.

  5. Fill in data as you need. 

Image Description:

  • Title: This field with the service title that you want to display.

  • Featured Image: Fill in the image that will appear in the service section.

  • Interval (Minutes): This column is filled with the distance between the service time in minutes. For example, if it is plugged in 15 minutes, then the options in the application are: 8:15, 8:30, 8:45

  • Booking Before (Hours): This column is filled with the minimum time required before placing an order (in hours), for example, if it is filled in 2, If the user wants to make a service order for 10:00, then he must be able to make a booking at least at 08:00

  • Location: This column is filled with the location of the service

  • Operational Hours: Enter the operating hours, opening days and the rate charged for the service.

  • Closed Date: Fill in Closed Date if you want to close the service on a specific date.

  • Exclude date: Fill in data if you have a different price for a specific date.


Users can change the booking hours provided by the application owner and click add to cart if they want to place an order and pay.