ENG Settings


Application owners use this feature to manage Membership feature settings, such as setting 1 point equals Rp, setting passwords for exchanging rewards, and setting Auto to approve membership points after making a transaction.


  1. Login to the engine, then select Membership>Settings on the left side.

  1. Then the following display will appear:



  1. Conversion (Point to Rp) 1 point equals Rp : To set the points by the customer every time they do a transaction. 1 point is equal to how many Rupiahs

  • If the number 1 place as in the picture

So if the customer purchases a product at a price of 100,000, he will get 100,000 points.

  • If placed the number 1000
    So if the customer purchases a product at a price of 100,000, he will get 100 points.

  1. Redeem Reward Settings Redeem Password: To determine the password for exchanging points with reward items. Rewards that require a password at the time of redemption are rewarded only on Physical Item types.


  • The customer makes a reward purchase by entering the reward item, after that click claim reward

  • To exchange physical rewards, customers can go directly to the store location / location of the application owner

  • After that, please enter My Rewards

  • Then show the reward that has been successfully redeemed,

  • The application owner can enter the password in the input code here field. After, that click GET.

  1. Automatically Approve Membership Point after Transaction is completeTo set the Auto to approve Membership Point after the user makes a transaction.

  • The customer purchases product A, and will get 100 points.

  • If the application owner has replaced the transaction status to complete.

  • Points will automatically go to the customer.