ENG Step 1


At this early stage, the application owner can take the initial steps to select the type of application to be created, provide the application name, and select the application category.


  1. Login to engine.compro.id and select the Create App button.

  1. Select the type of application you want if you wish to use the Basic, Advanced, or Professional type. Then, continue filling in the application name in the Application Name field.

  1. You can see the brief appearance of the application in the preview section. If you scroll on the Sticky function page, then the application appearance will not move or move along.


  1. Next, determine the type that matches the application to be made. Each category has a template feature to make it easier to create applications. These features can be changed, removed, and added.

  1. When finished, click the Create App button. Automatically, filling in Step 1 has been completed and will continue in Step 2.