ENG Subadmin Group


This feature is used if you want to give access to control the application to another person provided that the person is only given some access to the features in the application.


  1. Click Subadmin Groups at App Management.

  2. Click (+) to add Group Name.
    *Note: By default, two sub admin categories have been given, namely Head Admin and Content Admin with each description provided.


  • Edit, serves to make changes to access rights in the sub admin category.

  • Delete, serves to delete the sub admin category that has been created.

  • Head Admin, tasked with managing all the features and menus contained in the application.

  • Content Admin, tasked with managing content from the menu that has been provided in the application.

  1. Fill in the name of the new admin group that you want to add and select which features can be accessed by the Subadmin Group, then click Submit.


  • Name, filled with the name of the desired sub admin category.

  • Description, to show what the descriptions and tasks of the sub admin category..

  • Choose which menus are allowed to be managed by this sub admin by placing a check mark on the Manage Menus section.

  • Choose what features are allowed to be managed by this sub admin by placing a check mark in the Manage Features section.

  • Press the Submit button when all settings have been completed.

  1. Next, make settings on the Subadmin list. Steps to set Subadmin List, click here.