ENG Transaction List


This feature displays all transactions from the application that have occurred or have recently occurred through product purchases from the application.
The application owner can also set the transaction status and enter the delivery receipt number through this feature. The transaction status is Pending, In Process, Delivery, and Complete. When a transaction occurs, the application owner is required to change the status until the transaction is complete and the product ordered has been received by the buyer. 


  1. After the user makes a purchase, the application owner needs to check the transaction, and if it is finished checking, the application owner needs to change the transaction status.

  2. To change the transaction status, enter engine.compro.id, then select App Management, then select Shopping and Transaction LIst.

  3. Then click Edit to change the transaction status.


  • Action: To view transaction details.

  • Number: Transaction order number. 

  • Transaction ID: Transaction detail number information. 

  • Status: Transaction status information.

  • Canceled: The transaction status will automatically change to canceled if the transaction status is not changed for 1x24 hours. Application owners can request through Compro Support to extend the duration of the automatic cancellation. 

  • Pending: Transaction in the process of checking. 

  • In Process: Goods in the process of packing. 

  • Delivery: Goods in the process of delivery. When changing the status to Delivery, the application owner needs to input the receipt number on the engine.

  • Delivered: The goods have been sent to the customer.

  • Complained: There are complaints about the goods sent.

  • Completed: Transaction is successful/complete.

  • Print Invoice: Transaction note print button.

  • Transaction Time: Transaction time information.

  • Total Price: Description of the total amount spent in the transaction.

  • Payment Type: The type of payment used by the user.

  • User Group: The user information is included in the member group or not.

  • Username: The account's name that is registered as a user.

  • Email: E-mail address registered in the application.

  • Full name: Information of the registered user’s name.

  • Phone: The phone number used by the user.

  • Address: User address information

  • Notes: The record provided by the user in the transaction column. 

  • Admin Notes: Notes that can be added to the transaction list related to the transaction. 


  1. Search used to search transaction history based on registered username or email.  

  2. Date Range used to search transaction history based on the date the transaction occurred. 

  3. Status, used to transaction history based on Pending, In Process, Delivery, and Complete status.