ENG User Group

OVERVIEW This feature categorizes users into groups that the application owner has previously created.

An illustration of the use of user groups is as follows:

  • Two groups, namely VIP and Non VIP groups, and two members, namely members A and B.

  • Each group has different access. VIP groups have access to open ten menus, while Non VIP groups can open five menus.

  • If member A is a VIP group, member A can access ten menus.

  • If member B is a Non VIP group, they can only access five menus and cannot access the VIP group menu


  • Login into your engine and acsess User Group at App Management which is on the left side menu.

  • By default, there is already 1 group, namely Guest. The Guest cannot delete this group, but it can change the permissions. Please click the Add sign in the upper right corner to add a new group.


  • Set Default Privilege User Group to Active when Creating New Menu :
    The newly created menu is automatically active in all user groups.

  • Auto Set User Group after Register :
    If activated, the application owner can automatically direct to which user group the user has registered.

  • Give the group name that you want, provide any description, and determine what menus users can access in the group. For example, VIP groups can access all menus, while Non VIP groups can only access the home, menu, and profile. After that, click Submit.

  • To change the group for users who have registered in the application, access the User List menu in App Management.

  • Click Edit in the User Group column. Then select the group that you want and click Save when finished.


VIP Group ->

Non VIP Group ->