ENG User List


The application owner uses this feature to see and find out which users have registered to the application.


  • To register in the application, the application owner has to activate the login enabled feature first.


  1. Click the Login button in the left side menu.

  1. Click the Register menu. 

  1. Complete all data asked on the user registration page. If finished, click the Register button.

  1. Next, the user can log in to aplication.

  1. After a user has registered, the application owner can check the user by login into the engine. Then access the User List menu in the App Management section on the left side menu.

What can be done on the user list page is as follows:

  • Make export user list in xlsx or csv file.

  • Displays user data that is registered based on:

  1. Username or Email

  2. Time range within the desired period

  3. Registration status

  • Change the user's username by clicking the Edit button in the user column.

  • Delete User

  • Personal push notification

  • Member approval if the application owner uses an approval login

  • Provide special notes enter by clicking the Edit button in the Admin Notes column.