ENG Vendor Withdrawal


This feature allows vendors to withdraw funds from customers' transactions.



  1. Only applies to applications with the Professional type

  2. Must enable the multi-vendor feature

  3. Vendor balance must be available



  1. Log in to engine.compro.id with vendor access. 

  2. Please check the available vendor balance. Under Manage Vendor > Vendor Balance.

  3. Next, please go to Manage Vendor > Vendor withdrawal.

  1. Click the (+) sign on the top right.

  2. Next, the following screen will appear.


  • Bank Name: Fill in the name of the bank.

  • Account Holder Name: To be filled in with a clear name according to the passbook.

  • Account Holder Number: Filled with the account number.

  • Amount: Filled with the amount of balance to be withdrawn. 

  1. Once filled in, please click submit. Withdrawal status will be pending. It means that the merchant is still checking it.



  1. Login to engine.compro.id with Merchant access

  2. Go to the Manage Vendor menu > Vendor Withdrawal

  3. After that, click edit to see the details of the request.

  4. Merchants can see the details of the destination for the vendor's account number and the nominal withdrawn. 


  1. After making the transfer, the Merchant can change the withdrawal status to Approved and upload proof of transfer. After that, please click submit.

  1. Withdrawal status will change to approved, and the vendor balance will be reduced automatically.