ENG Vendor


In this menu, Merchants can provide access to any vendor and product category that that vendor can use.

There are three types of vendors to choose from:

  • Dependent Merchant = The original delivery follows the merchant and is displayed as one with the name of the merchant that appears

  • Dependent Vendor = The original shipment follows the vendor with the merchant name that appears on the display

  • Independent Vendor = The original shipment follows the vendor with the vendor name that appears on the display


  1. Activate the multivendor feature on engine.compro.id in step 3

  2. This feature available only on professional applications


  1. Go to engine.compro.id > Manage Vendors > Vendors

  1. Click the + sign on the top right.

  1. Next, please fill in the vendor information. Here's how it looks:

  • Business Name: Filled with vendor's business name

  • Type: Please select the type of vendor

  • Vendor Group: Choose Full Access Vendor

  • Business description: Filled with vendor business description

  • Street Address: Please fill in the street name of the origin.

  • Location: Please select the province, city, and district.

  • Map Latitude (Optional): Can be filled with latitude map points 

  • Map Longitude (Optional): Can be filled with the point of the longitude Map

  • Phone: Filled with vendor phone number

  • Email: Filled with Vendor Email

  • Logo: Filled with Vendor Logo

  • Bank: To be inputted with the name of the Vendor Bank

  • Account Holder Name: Filled with the name in the account book

  • Account Number: Filled with the vendor account number

  • Name: Filled with name PIC Vendor

  • Phone: Filled with Vendor PIC phone number

  • Product Category: Please select any category where the vendor can fill the product

  • Package Type (Optional): Please select the packaging method used

  • Production Type (Optional): Please select the type of shipping used

  • Email: Filled with the vendor's email to enter on engine.compro.id

  • Password: Filled with the password used by the vendor. 

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password