Eng Video


The Video feature is used to play videos that are accessed directly via uploads on Youtube.


Videos that have been added to the application, when opened by default will lead to Youtube.If you want videos to be able to be opened in the application without exiting the application, you can use Api Key Youtube. Steps to get Api Key Youtube, click here.


  1. Log in to your engine and click menu Add New Feature at Step 3 (Content).

  2. Select Video menu and click Add This Feature, then clickl Add This Feature button.

  3. Next, specify List and Detail views you want to use as shown in the image below. Click Change Layout button to change it.


If the List function is disabled, then you can only enter 1 profile detail page. However, if the List function is enabled, you can add as many other videos as you want.

  1. After selecting the display you want to use for the menu, please give the feature a name.

    To change the icon for the menu, please click the empty box on the left. Then a selection of icons that have been provided from the system will be displayed. If you have got the desired icon, click the Select Icon button.

  2. If you feel that everything is complete, please click the check mark to add the feature.

  3. To fill in the content on the video, please click Manage Content.

  4. Click Add data.

  5. Fill in the data as needed.

Image Description

  • Title: This column is filled with the title of the Video you want to display.

  • Video Link: This field is filled with the URL link of the desired video, the video link can be taken from YouTube.

  • Description: This column is filled with a description of the video. In this section, the data entered can be adjusted as desired, either using the tools provided or by using HTML CSS styling that can be inputted through the code view. Here also can insert images, links, videos and tables.

  • Action Button (Optional): This column is filled with the name Action Button if you want to add an Action Button.

  • Target Menu (Optional): This column functions as a dropdown where the user can select the target menu instead of the Action Button created.

  • Add Action Button: This button is clicked when you have finished setting the Action Button and Target Menu.

  • Published at (Optional): This field is used if the app owner wants to update the image at a specified time.

  • Submit: This button is pressed if the data entered is considered correct.