ENG Wishlist


The Wishlist is a feature for application owners who want/expect certain items hoping that users who have registered in the application can fulfill the owner's wishes.


  • Activate Login Enabled feature and Shopping Enabled.


  1. Access the engine.compro.id page Enter at step 3. 

  2. Click Add New Feature 

  1. Select Wishlist, then click add this feature.

  1. Next, the following screen will appear.

Image Description:

  • Icon: used to change the menu icon.

  • Insert Title: write the name of the menu in this section.

  • List: Activate the list to place several wishlists on the menu.

  • Layout: Select the product layout you want. After filling everything in, click save (checkmark).

  1. To fill in the content on the wishlist, please click Manage Content.

  1. Click Add data

  1. Add the expected items.

Additional information:

  1. Fill in the name of the item in the Product Name column.

  2. Fill in a brief description of the item in the subtitle.

  3. Enter the price of the item in the Price column.

  4. Fill in the desired item needs in the Need column. If you do not get the desired item, enter the number zero (0) in the Has column. 

  5. If you have these items, update the Has column with the number 1 until the amount is the same as the needs for the items on the Need column.


  1. Below are the expected items with the total need for three units. Zero (1) in the Has section indicates that the application owner has received 1 item.

  1. The following process is your user or friend will see a list of the items you want and enter the number of items you want to contribute. Press the Contribute button to go to the following process.

  1. Users will expect the following options:

Additional information:

  1. The See More button is for if you want to contribute other items.

  2. The Buy Here button is for the user who wants to contribute by transferring the nominal amount stated on the application. Then the owner of the application himself will buy the item.

  3. The I Will Buy It Myself button is for users who want to buy it directly. Then the system will deliver the goods to the residence of the application owner.

  1. Next, if the user selects the Buy Here button, information will appear that the user purchased the item successfully. They were then asked to make payment for the goods. If the user has made a money transfer, attach proof of payment by pressing the Take Photo or Choose Photo button in the Transaction Receipt section.

  1. Then if the previously transferred money has been received, the application owner must change the transaction status. The application admin selects Transaction List. Then select View for existing transactions.

  1. Select Update Status to change the transaction status to Pending, then In Process, until the last one is Completed.

  1. If the status is Completed, it is assumed that the item has been obtained again. So the Has column will change the number to 2.

  1. In another case, it turns out that your friend wants to contribute to the item by choosing the I Will Buy It Myself option. So the steps are the same.

But what makes the difference is that your friends don't need to attach proof of transfer. All you have to do is read the instructions for contributing by pressing the How to Contribute button.

  1. If the steps for contributing are still not available, you must fill in and provide these steps by selecting the Customize How To Contribute menu on engine.compro.id.

  1. If you have finished filling out the instructions in the Instructions column, you can press the Update Instruction button. So, it will automatically be updated on the previous confirmation page.