ENG Zoom


Video Conference Zoom feature is a feature to create Zoom video conference using the Compro platform.


  • Have a Zoom Account.

  • If the application is published, you must republish it after activating the Video Conference Zoom feature.

  • The size of the app will increase by about 80 MB for Android and 150 MB for iOS.


  1. Access your application engine page and enable Zoom in the Additional Features section in Step 3. Then click Save.

  2. Click Configuration on the engine side menu, then click the Zoom button.

  3. Fill SDK Key and SDK Secret.
    (To get SDK Key and SDK Secret akses via

  • Select the SDK field, then click Create.

  •  Fill App Name for SDK app

  • Fill data in the column provided in the Information section.

  • If you have completed the information section, you can get the SDK Key and SDK Secret available in the app credentials column.

4. Then copy and move the SDK Key and SDK Secret in the configuration engine section. (See step 2).

5. Next, enter the menu to the zoom feature will add.

(Make sure the intended menu is a menu that has a content column)

6. Add a zoom button and enter the Zoom meeting ID and password.

7. Then a button will appear directed to Zoom.