ENG Configuration


This feature is useful for making configuration settings related to the features and applications you have.

These settings include :


-Transaction Setting

-App Setting

-PWA Setting 

-App Share Message

-Reservation Admin

-Other Settings



  1. Select Configuration at stage 3 content, the following display will appear.

  2. How to Settings on the Configuration feature.

  1. Languages
    In Languages, there are two features, namely Set Languages, and Set Language Texts.

    a. Set Languages
        It is used to add language to the application.

  • Stages of Adding Language to the Application:
    1. Click the (+) sign on the top right
    2. Fill in the Language you want to add, then click Submit.

    3. Language added successfully.


  • Set Default: Used to set the language of the application.

  • Edit: Used to edit the language posts that have been added.

  • Delete: Used to remove Languages that have been added.

b. Set Language Texts
They are used to set the language of the term in the application.

  • According to your needs, this language setting is changed manually from English to other languages.

  1. Transaction Setting

  1. Transaction

  • Push Notif Update Transaction Message
    In this feature, you can change messages on in-app transaction push notifications.

  • Share Transaction Detail
    In this feature, you can set Share and Content from Transaction Detail in the application.

  • Send Email Pending Payment Gateway
    In this feature, you can make settings for sending emails when the payment gateway status is pending.

  • View / Print Invoice
    In this feature, you can make settings to bring up the Print Invoice in the Transaction Details section of the application.

  1. Delivery

  • Order Delivery
    In this feature, you can sort the delivery order on the application.
    Stages of Setting Order Payment Type:
    1. Set the order of payment types as needed, then click Submit.

  • No Delivery
    You can enable/disable the feature in this feature without sending it.

  1. Payment

  • Order Payment Type
    In this feature, you can set the payment types in your application.

  • Midtrans Payment
    You can make Midtrans settings for your application's payment gateway in this feature.

  • Moneris Payment
    In this feature, you can make Moneris Payment settings. You can activate/deactivate the feature.

  1. App Setting

  • Compro Merchant Notification
    Serves to make settings on the Compro Merchant application.

  • Whatsapp Share Product
    In this feature, you can set the phone number you use as WhatsApp admin in the application.

  • App Share Message
    In this feature, you can make message changes when sharing your app.

  • Content Share Message
    In this feature, you can change the message content to be shared from your app.

  • Youtube Internal
    Serves to make youtube settings to be opened in the application without leaving the application.

  1. Reservation Admin
    In this feature, you can do reservation admin settings in your application.
    *The reservation admin here will be tasked with scanning the QR code of guests who come.

  • Stages of Setting Reservation Admin :

  1. The application owner needs to create a user group 'Admin Scan' first. To create a user group, please click here.

  2. Check 'Admin Scan', then click Submit.

  • Zoom: You can fill in the SDK Key & SDK Secret details to activate the Zoom feature in this feature.
    * Steps to activate the Zoom feature, please click here

  • You can add content.
    * Steps to activate this feature, please click here

  • Other settings: In this feature, you can set the time on the application.